Weezer - Van Weezer

Weezer return with Van Weezer their ode to stadium rock and it’s everything you’d expect from the kings of Nerd Rock. Heavy guitar with sweet solos and lyrics straight from the 80’s. Weezer are the masters of giving us what we need, whether it’s amazing covers, feel good bops or pure rock.

Announced in 2019 the guys wrote Van Weezer to coincide with the Hella Mega Tour which they were taking part in with Green Day and Fall Out Boy. Unfortunately as is commonly the case over the last two years that was put on hold due to the pandemic.

If you are a fan of that big hair rock from the 80’s with some cheesy lyrics that scream of love and relationships, then Van Weezer will not disappoint. It’s hard to pick stand out tracks from the album as it has such a cohesive sound but pick we shall. It starts off with a letter of intent in the track ‘Hero’ and has a taste of The Who on ‘Sheila Can Do It’. A pleasant surprise from the Weezer Guys.