Lucy Dacus - Home Video

Indie singer-songwriter Lucy Darcus returns with her third studio album and it’s glorious. Three years after her last solo release Darcus returns with Home Video a very personal album that showcases her warm vocals and songwriting skills.

Returning to a solo release after her participation in the super group ‘boygenius’, with the insanely talented Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers, Home Video is an exploration of self and has a real openness. Never shying away from some of the darker moments.

A journey through a portion of Darcus’ lifetime and although very personal at no time does it feel forced or awkward. A real joy of a listen with stand out tracks ‘VBS’ and ‘Thumbs’. It’s nice to stumble upon these little gems that may not have been on your radar but when you find them, they lead you into a whole new world of artists.