Foy Vance - Signs of Life

Foy Vance returns with his smooth almost haunting voice in this his latest release Signs of life. This album is a return to Vance’s sound from his first two albums, moving away from the blues sound of ‘From Muscle Shoals’ and ‘To Memphis’, and coming back to that pure folk sound.

The Derry man brings us all a bit of hope with this new album. There is a definite positive message that comes through on all the tracks and Vance’s voice will lift your spirits no matter your mood. The singer/ songwriter really lets his talent flourish with Signs of Life. I won’t say a return to form as there have been no bad albums but a return to a simpler sound.

If folk is your thing then Foy is your man, perfect stuff to just chill out to. Looking for a taste of what to expect check out the song ‘Sapling’, it is absolutely stunning.