The Wallflowers - Exit Wounds

Back after 9 years with a brand new album The Wallflowers ‘Exit Wounds’ is a cleaner more folky sound than we may be used to. With lead singer Jakob Dylan sounding more and more like his father (Bob Dylan) I guess a folk sound was inevitable.

Obviously, the pop rock influence can still be heard on Exit Wounds and don’t get me wrong, in no way is their sound change a bad thing. Always nice to hear a group grow and explore new sounds, especially when it works. With some excellent guitar sounds and Dylan’s vocal talent the album was worth the wait.

Dylan says, "I was just also writing during a time when the world felt like it was falling apart. That changes the way you address even the simplest things, because you have panic in your mind all the time. You have anxiety. And you also have hope. And it’s all in there" of Exit Wounds. If you’re a Wallflowers fan then all you love is still there and if you’re new to them then get on board and enjoy.