Kings of Convenience - Peace or Love

Oh how I’ve missed the sound of the Kings of Convenience, the easiest comparison and the most obvious one to make would be Simon and Garfunkel. It’s been 12 years since their last release as a group, both members having solo careers as Kommode and The Whitest Boy Alive.

Peace or Love is a wonder, having those subtle melodies and well crafted lyrics. It’s a dreamy journey that lets you be carried on a musical stream on a beautiful summers day. The world fades away and the sound that lingers is just a joy to behold.

As much as I love the guys it’s the two tracks the feature Feist that really stand out for me, adding another level of magic to their sound. ‘Love is a Lovely Thing’ is definitely my favourite track off Peace or Love. Want to lay back and let an album wash over you with warm delight then this has you covered.