The Vinyl Brew: The Doors - The Doors
Shiny Day Brewers,

This week we are taking a trip through some psychedelic rock to help us pass the time on these miserable mornings. This is easily one of the most recognisable album covers of all time and one that I would like to think is in a lot of people’s collections already. Forming in mid-1965 and with one of the greatest front men of all time, we are of course talking about The Doors and their debut album The Doors.

Hailed as one of the most influential groups of the sixties, in part due to Morrison’s stage persona, lyrics and vocals, they have stood the test of time with a sound that although dated by lyrics in some cases, still sounds cutting edge. Having signed initially to Columbia Records the band would get an early release from their contract as the label failed to secure them a producer for the album.

Following their release from Columbia they would take up residencies in two of the most famous clubs of all time; The London Fog and Whiskey a Go Go. There they would be spotted by Love singer Arthur Lee who recommended them to the Head of Elektra Records, Jac Holzman, who would go on to sign the band and release their debut album ‘The Doors’.

The band would work with producer Paul A. Rothchild (who also worked with Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Janis Joplin) and engineer Bruce Botnick on the album. With a clear vision of what they wanted the album to sound like they went to work trying to harness the raw energy they had seen the band produce on stage. Botnick would go on to say “What you hear on the first album is what they did live. It wasn't just playing the song–it transcended that.” It was this sound that helped propel ‘The Doors’ to the recognition it deserved.

We’ve touched on how influential the album was and in fact Paul McCartney has stated that when he heard the album, he wanted to capture The Doors musical style as one of the alter egos on Sgt. Peppers. Ironically it would be Sgt. Peppers that would keep ‘The Doors’ from the top spot in the US chart. Being the bands most successful album, having been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Library of Congress has selected it for inclusion in the National Recording Registry based on historical, cultural or artistic importance. The Doors were the first American band to receive eight consecutive gold LPs, and although the band would meet with tragedy with the untimely death of Morrison in 1971, they have lived on and produced some of the greatest tracks ever written.

People hear psychedelic or poetry attached to albums and are immediately turned off, but both those words are key to ‘The Doors’. Morrison being a poet and someone who encouraged his other band members to write songs, was a true artist. Pushing boundaries with lyrics, The Doors are a shining example of how you can do it your way and make it work.

The Final Word

So, who is ‘The Doors’ for? There is nothing too heavy or trippy on this debut and with such high-profile tracks if you haven’t heard the album there are probably a couple of tracks you know anyway. If easy listening and mellow grooves with a message are your thing then jump onboard. If you want something to help expand your musical taste and possibly your mind, then go grab this album. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts so head over to our Twitter @vinyl8records and let us know what you think. As we come back to the real world lets get played out by the appropriately titled “The End”

“This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend
The end of our elaborate plans
The end of everything that stands
The end"

Till next time Brewers,

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