Loretta Lynn - Still Woman Enough

I think it would be fair to call Loretta Lynn country royalty with a career that spans 6 decades and 13 Grammy nominations under her belt and a lifetime of hits which I’ll let you look up yourself. With a lovely country lilt that makes it feel like everything will be alright this album is a joy to listen to.

Still Woman Enough her fourth album in a planned series of five. Lynn is joined by Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood on the opening track but from then on in it is her voice that shines. With a wealth of history to draw from there is an innocence and simplicity to Lynn’s lyrics and yet they’re still deep and touching. Case in point would be her recitation of ‘Coal Miners Daughter’ half-way through the album.

Now this is an out and out country album but with one of the most recognisable and strongest female country voices showing no signs of giving in or getting any weaker she is definitely worth a listen. So, don’t be put off if country isn’t your thing, this is just a really good album. Snap it up music fans.