Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall

So, I wasn’t a fan of MGK’s first couple of albums- I like rap but just didn’t enjoy his sound. Anyone who knows me will know that Pop Punk is where my music heart lives so when I heard Tickets To My Downfall I was very surprised to find out who it was.

Of course, MGK has explored musical styles before with an almost Linkin Park style on several tracks with that rap over rock sound and I know that he has a massive following but for me this was the album that sold me on him. If you were into that Green Day, F.O.B. or Blink-182 sound then this may just be the perfect new album for you to enjoy that pop punk sound again.

Ok, so if I haven’t fanned that nostalgia flame enough Tickets To My Downfall was co-written and produced by Travis Barker (Drummer Blink-182) and every track has that distinct Blink drum sound which just throws me back to the late 90’s early 00’s scene. Stand out track for me must be ‘forget me too’ feat. Halsey. If your collection has any Blink, Green Day, F.O.B., MCR or All Time Low then Tickets To My Downfall Will slip very comfortably into it.