Lake Street Dive - Obviously

Lake Street Dive have a very fluid sound from their early work to this most recent album they’ve dipped their toes into Country, Soul, Indie, Southern Rock and Jazz. With the release of Obviously they are still exploring their sound and it’s a journey I’m happy to join them on. Lead singer Rachael Price is a powerhouse and pours her heart out on this album. And with a talented group of musicians supporting her Lake Street Dive will just keep getting better and better.

Formed in 2004 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, the band has released several E.P.’s and albums. They have been quoted as stating they’d like their sound to be a cross between the Beatles and soulful jazz and with Obviously they are getting closer to that sound.

Stand out tracks on the album for me are ‘Hypotheticals’ and ‘Nobody’s Stopping You Now’ but it’s a really nice listen all the way through. Pop this one into your collection for those days when Soulful dreamy background music is needed.