The Regrettes - Further Joy

The American Pop-Punk quartet return with their third studio album in ‘Further Joy’. Headed by frontwoman Lydia Night who brings a sweet vocal that is the perfect counter point to the lyrical content. Forming in 2015, these guys have already opened for Twenty One Pilots on their European tour.

‘Further Joy’ is a pandemic tale of not having the normal contacts we have with people as one of its core messages and with other aspects of life like lost love and empowerment coming through on these easy listening tracks. But don’t let me throw you off, there is a Punk undertone here that doesn’t shy away from the tracks.

On their way to massive fame, ‘Further Joy’ is a perfect point to join them on their journey. Pop-Punk lyrics being delivered by the voice of an angel it’s a sit down and appreciate me album that has a real message like all great Punk albums do.