Arcade Fire - WE

The Canadian Indie Rock ensemble return with ‘WE’ their first album in five years, too long for fans of this incredible band. Back with the intensity of their debut album ‘Funeral’, a sound that made them one of the biggest artists of 2004, it is a welcome return.

There have been some changes to the band since the recording of the album with the younger Butler, Will, deciding to part ways with the band. With ‘WE’ looking like a return to their earlier ‘Funeral’ sound, which in a lot of peoples opinions is the album of the 2000’s, it is just great to have new music from the gang.

There are just some artists that will always have massive anticipation over new music and Arcade Fire are one such band. Leading the way for that newer almost gentler Indie Rock sound which had become a heavy guitar driven noise fest, Arcade Fire have stayed at their very best with several impressive albums and hopefully ‘WE’ lives up to the hype.