Off the record... Greatest Hits

It’s very easy to dismiss Greatest Hits collections as a money making opportunity for artists who just need to produce something in a moment when maybe a new album is in the works or they’ve come up blank for new material and need that payday. We can all think of a few of these but once in a while Greatest Hits collections get done right and become amazing stepping stones to discovering new artists and music or help remind us why we love a group. I’ve got a fair amount of personal favourites but these three are ones I think everyone should own.


The Cure – Greatest Hits

If you’ve never dipped your toe into the amazingly vibrant and often surreal world of The Cure then shame on you but here is you chance to get a real taste of what it is to love The Cure. New Wave Post-Punk at it’s finest and I guarantee after one listen you’ll wonder why this album hasn’t always been part of your heavy rotation playlist. This album is a journey and one that everybody should experience.


The Essential – Bob Dylan

Ok so maybe he isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but there can be no denying that the man has a poets heart and has written some of the most amazing tracks of all time. His back catalogue is massive and very daunting so why not get a feel for what Bob is all about with this collection. It covers a wide sway of his career and is a great place to start.


The Killers – Direct Hits

Ok so everyone knows The Killers. Get Mr. Brightside going at a party and everyone will sing along and this is the magic of the group. Brandon Flowers has this incredible talent for writing amazingly catchy albums and with such a powerful voice and group of talented musicians it’s very easy to get lost in this album. So maybe make sure you’ve turned repeat off or you might lose a day.


These words belong to Trevor Carey in Dublin, Ireland.