Off the record... Definitely Maybe

Off the record... Definitely Maybe

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I always loved a bit of Oasis; a cheeky bit of ‘Wonderwall’ here and there, but never fully appreciated them until I got this album on vinyl, and my god, what a masterpiece it truly is. Listened to it over and over, to the point where I knew the order of the songs off by heart. Never got sick of it, and still to this day could listen to it on repeat.

These songs really came alive for me when I finally got to see Liam play in Malahide Castle in 2018. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Soaked from head to toe in beer, in a black parka jacket, a pint of Heineken in one hand and a Mayfair menthol in the other, belting out ‘Supersonic’ on a Summer's day? Tell me that doesn’t sound heavenly like. Hearing ‘Live Forever’ at the end was the pinnacle of it all and solidly relit the fire of love I had for this album. Like many, I still live in hope for an Oasis reunion, and have my black parka safely put away until then. 



‘DEFINITELY’ my favourite Oasis album, and cannot be faulted. Incredible lyrics by Noel, sang entirely by the controversially brilliant Liamo. ‘Definitely Maybe’ is one of the only Oasis albums where LG himself sings every, single song. Some may argue that Noel’s voice is the better of the two, which to an extent I will admit is true, but he’s still no match for Liam. Oasis would not be Oasis without Liams signature outrageous voice, and no one can argue with me about that. That guitar riff at the start of ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ gets me every.single.time, and LG’s classic prolonging of  words is such a statement; “You could wait for a life time, to spend your days in the sunshine” His ability to make one syllable words sound like two syllable, is pretty impressive. If you’re an Oasis fan, or are somewhat familiar with that song, you 100% said ‘shiiiiieeeenneeee’ instead of ‘shine’ in that sentence, and that my friends, is the LG effect!!!

Throw this album on in the car when you need some decent tunes to get you through the journey. I listen to this album and feel like an untouchable, mouthy Mancunian and just a propaa ‘ROCK N ROLL STAR’ ready to conquer the day. All I need is a tambourine.....

‘Live Forever’ is undoubtedly my favourite track off the album, followed closely by the ‘Columbia’ which is not very well-known (but still an unreaaaal tune nonetheless)


These are the learned words of our national treasure Eoife Clarke.

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