The Police -Greatest Hits

Originally released in 1992 this half speed remastering of the Greatest Hits by The Police marks the 30th anniversary of this collection which includes all fourteen UK top 20 singles and five UK number ones. Marking a period of the bands work from 1978 – 1984, this series of tracks proves what a powerhouse the group were together and highlight that it wasn’t just a vehicle for front man Sting.

It’s often easy to dismiss Greatest Hits compilations as they often miss several highlights of a bands career, which the previous Police compilation had done. Here though we see the English rock band doing what they do best with their new wave style, heavily influenced by reggae, punk and jazz.

As the Greatest Hits gets it’s 30th anniversary it’s easy to hear why The Police have lasted this long and why this vinyl is getting a new release. Every track is a hit which will have you singing along and getting up to dance, a perfect summer playlist by one band. Need something for the background at your first summer BBQ, this album has it covered.