Soak - If I Never Know You Like This Again

Derry born, Irish Choice Prize winning artist Soak, returns with their third studio album ‘If I Never Know You Like This Again’ and it is everything you hoped it would be. Continuing with that dreamy sound that highlights the smooth vocals and slick lyrics that define Soak’s sound.

With several singles already available from the album, the three year wait since their second album sounds like it will be well worth hanging around for. Soak continues to show the maturity which has shined through on their two previous releases with a voice that lends itself to the almost dreamscape sound they create. Let this one float onto your record player.

If you’ve been waiting for that sweet summer chill album to come along then ‘If I Never Know You Like This Again’ could be the one for you. Powerful vocals and lyrics with backing tracks that help carry you along wherever Soak wants to take you.