Pearl Jam - RearViewMirror

With arguably one of the greatest debut albums of all time in ‘Ten’ Pearl Jam set the world on fire when they hit the scene. Becoming one of the biggest bands of the 90’s they are instantly recognisable through front man Vedders voice and that grunge sound. Holding a popularity that never went away Pearl Jam served up hit after hit and now they are collected here on 'RearViewMirror'.

In ‘RearViewMirror’ we get that rarity of a proper greatest hits collection that, I think most fans can say, covers most of the hits when it comes to the period at which the band celebrated their most success. A track listing that reads like a playlist of 90’s hits these albums show just how prolific the band were.

One of the best-selling bands of all time and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Pearl Jam are one of those bands that will never go away. Their music is so good it will always find new audiences and ‘RearViewMirror’ is a great entry point to experience their sound.