Maximo Park - Nature Always Wins

A return to form here from Maximo Park with upbeat indie pop tracks and reflective belters. Nature Always Wins sees the guys explore the synth-pop sound with their always glorious guitar noise layered together to bring some absolute anthems.

Four years after the politics heavy release of ‘Risk to Exist’, Maximo Park are back with a more introspective sound. That’s not to say that the politics has disappeared from the line-up or that the band won’t still scream about their world view as can be heard on ‘Why Must A Building Burn?’

If you were a fan of that early 00’s indie sound or Maximo Parks first album, then there is definite return to that era here. What they’ve added is maturity and a new sound without straying to far from their roots. With synth melody like The Killers and the exceptional voice of Paul Smith this is an album to get lost in.