John Spillane - 100 Snow White Horses

Influenced by his travels around Ireland John Spillane brings together a gorgeous collection of songs that blend the traditional timbre and tonality we expect from this Irish folk stalwart with a very modern sound. Recorded in London with producer John Reynolds and singer Pauline Scanlon, John Spillane has been quoted as saying “After 10 years and many adventures we are combining our skill and painting this, our masterpiece.”

Spillane really explores his sound in this his first independent release in 20 years. With his captivating voice and the beautiful lilt of Pauline Scanlon backing him up 100 Snow White Horses is a journey I am very happy to join.

As a staunch supporter of the Irish language and native speaker it is no surprise that the love of the island shines through on this album. Exploring everything from natural beauty to mythology and even native albums, there is something so familiar about every song. Folk lovers this one is for you.