Imelda May - 11 Past the Hour

Imelda May has come a long way since her early Rockabilly days, a growth I think we can all get behind. With an incredible voice 11 Past the Hour really highlights what May can do. With some heavy hitters collaborating including Noel Gallagher and Ronnie Wood on two great tracks it’s actually the simpler songs for me that define this album. Just Imelda’s voice shining through over some great musicians.

Imelda has recently come out and said that she was told “As a woman over 40 she shouldn’t make this album”. Thankfully, Imelda knew better than the idiot who said that to her and so we are treated to tracks that range from sweet little ballads to almost Bond-esque mega tracks.

I think 11 Past the Hour is a defiant album, showing all those doubters exactly what May is capable of. She has cemented herself as a top Irish artist and sure you can ask for no more than that.