Durand Jones & the Indications - Private Space

You pop on Durand Jones Private Space and you are instantly transported to a different time. The sound is too smooth and funky for a modern artist to be producing. Jones & the Indications sound like they’ve lifted their sound from the 70’s but somehow still make it feel incredibly fresh and relevant.

Never ones to sit still the band have dropped a new layer of sound into their already bountiful toy box with a disco vibe that just makes the tracks swing a little more, if that is possible. There is such an amazing sound on Private Space that every listen through brings something new to the ear.

With flash backs to early rap, disco, R&B and funk this album just keeps producing hit track after hit track. A personal favourite and the lead single of the album Witchoo is just a taste of everything this album is. One to share with everyone you know so they can share it with everyone they know!

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